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An Academy earns their Golfway-approved status by having a Golfway Certified Coach or Golfway approved coaching programme on-site.

Golfway Academies will be able to demonstrate the following criteria:

  • PGA-qualified expert in youth coaching on-site
  • Structured pathway into golf based on the Golfway Education Programme
  • Delivery of the Golf Foundation’s Schools Programme, using Golfway Play™ equipment
  • Full Golfway Champion range demonstrations available

Golfway Academies and Certified Coaches will be recognised on the Golfway website and will have access to exclusive promotions, events and tournaments.

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For Clubs

For Parents & Players

Golfway Academy Level

Income generation

Using a Golfway Coaching programme at your golf club could be crucial to not only boosting revenue through the coaching itself, but also in retail terms with a range of Golfway equipment available to you at competitive trade prices.

Golfway Academy Level


We possess a wealth of materials to help market coaching programmes within your club and in your local area. From open day templates to emails and marketing resources, Golfway can provide the advice, consultancy and know-how about how to boost the potential of your academy.

Golfway Academy Level

Boost reputation with members

Senior golfers are always delighted to see junior players come up through the ranks – especially when they are being taught good etiquette and skills. The next golf talent may come from your club, all they need is their talent nurtured and at the same time make your members extremely proud by association.

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Engagement beyond your club

Research by the England Golf in 2017 suggested that 5.35 million juniors had ‘had a go at golf’ but only 20% of this number have gone on to play the sport. There is a huge untapped potential for junior golfers and working with our partners at the Golf Foundation, Golfway has the experience and resources to help forge those links in local schools by working together with you.

The Education Programme

The Education Programme has been developed over the last 20 years, working in conjunction with our friends at Young Masters Golf (YMG). Since creating their original golf programming back in 2000, they have introduced hundreds of thousands of youngsters to the game of golf across the globe.

Many have gone on to become well-known names in the game including Ryder Cup star Matt Fitzpatrick and Georgia Hall, a British Women’s Open Champion.



The Golfway Education Programme is possibly the most comprehensive golf education available in the world.

Offering structured learning for juniors, it covers all aspects of the game across eight progressive levels of achievement. Each stage includes skills challenges and quizzes, leading to certification which is recognised by many leading golf clubs and Associations as proof of both knowledge and ability.

Levels 1-4

The first four levels of development that feature the learning pillars of How to Play, Golf Etiquette and Golf Rules.

Golfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy Level

Levels 5-6

These are the four advanced levels that build on the basics learned in the GLP and feature learning pillars of How to Play, Golf Knowledge, Peak Performance and Golf Rules.

Golfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy LevelGolfway Academy Level

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