It's Play like no other.

A fun and easy way to play golf, anywhere, anytime with anyone. Golfway Play is a fast-paced exciting game perfect for learning and enjoying the game.

Golfway Progressive Clubs

We're gonna make you play...

From oversized club heads and specially designed performance grips, to colorful targets and modular gameplay, nothing compares to Golfway Play.

Play is a golf gameplay and coaching system with each element designed to emulate the real game of golf, while making it safe, easy and fun to play anywhere, anytime.

Available in 5x player heights (cm) from Junior to Adult:

Play features.

Golfway Play is based on the simple concept using only two clubs, an iron and a putter. Designed for all ages with 5x club sizes available from a player height of 90cm to 170cm. With strong links to the real game of golf, players can use Play on any surface and with minimal space required, whether indoors, in the backyard, at the park or even at the beach.


1. Align-Style Teaching Grips

A unique and quality teaching grip, created by Golfway in a range of sizes that grow with the length of the clubs. Perfect to allow juniors to develop a good golfing grip as they help to promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability.

2. Over-size heads

Makes the game easy for new players and controls trajectory of the ball with a cavity back and lofted face for great ball flight. Weighted head and flexible fibreglass shaft give feel of real golf with sizes 90cm & 110cm 25% lighter than our three largest clubs.

3. Dual putter head

The double-sided head is suitable for right or left handed play and is weighted to give the correct feel of a traditional putter. Durable, shatterproof and almost indestructible – the Golfway putter is great for learning or gameplay.



Golfway Play isn't available for purchase yet, but we're incredibly excited to launch it in Spring 2021. Be the first to know by entering your email below.