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ShortGolf 6



A ShortGolf-6 Course can be set up almost anywhere with the ideal location being a football or rugby pitch. The course will comprise 2x Par 3, 2x Par 4 and 2x Par 5 holes and the challenge is to ‘score 24’.



Each SG-6 hole will start with a tee-zone or a defined tee station. Each hole finishes at the ‘green’ on which the Golfway hole or target is placed. The green can be defined by rope, white-line paint, cone markers or by clear definition in the length of grass if playing at a golf course.

The boundary of the course must be defined as ‘out of bounds’ and each hole will be designated by its length as a Par 3, a Par 4 or a Par 5, depending on the age of the players.

Every shot must played with a Golfway Play iron using a tee-mat where applicable and every shot on the ‘green’ must be played with a putter.  Players may move the tee-mat up to one Iron length, not nearer the hole to achieve a level lie and a one shot penalty is incurred when the ball is hit out of bounds.

The normal rules of golf apply and you can introduce whatever point scoring system or handicapping you wish to suit player age and/ or ability.



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