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Golfway Play Iron - GWPI090L_Golfway_Play_90cm_Iron_Lh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI090R_Golfway_Play_90cm_Iron_Rh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI110L_Golfway_Play_110cm_Iron_Lh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI110R_Golfway_Play_110cm_Iron_Rh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI130L_Golfway_Play_130cm_Iron_Lh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI130R_Golfway_Play_130cm_Iron_Rh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI150L_Golfway_Play_150cm_Iron_Lh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI150R_Golfway_Play_150cm_Iron_Rh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI170L_Golfway_Play_170cm_Iron_Lh_Full.jpg
Golfway Play Iron - GWPI170R_Golfway_Play_170cm_Iron_Rh_Full.jpg


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The Golfway Play iron is the ideal club for learning, practising or just simply having fun with golf. With a number of unique features, the Play iron is well-equipped to not only improve your game, but get you learning the right way to play!

Available in five progressive sizes.


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A unique and quality line-up grip, created by Golfway in a range of sizes that grow with the length of the clubs. Perfect to allow juniors to develop a good golfing grip as they help to promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability.

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Our smallest clubs are 90% of the size of adult clubs, and the head design with perimeter weighting and generous lofts all combine to make the perfectly flighted shot achievable by all young golfers.

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Play clubs support the new starter as much as they can an experienced Pro, with learning cues and weighted heads to mimmick the real weight of a metal club. Designed for all ages with five progressive club sizes available from a player height of 90cm to 170cm. Golfway

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Product Reviews

Brilliant quality!

Posted by Jack on Friday, 19 Nov 2021

| Verified Purchase

Brilliant clubs! The quality and detail is amazing, just like a real club but with added learning cues built in.

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