Become a champion.

We haven't just revised junior golf, we've re-examined, resized, and redesigned it.

Golfway Champion Irons

Get fitted, get playing.

Years of research has resulted in a range of clubs designed with player height, strength and swing speed in mind.

Our specifications are progressive in every way, allowing for growth spurts of 4" (10cm), enabling the smallest starter to teenage and adult golfers to play with confidence and reach their full potential – with the right fitting clubs.

Champion features.

Considerable care has been taken to design our clubs with both younger and older players in mind. Progressive length, shaft flex, grip thickness, head size, weight, and loft unite to make Golfway Champion the perfect choice in terms of playability, forgiveness, and ultimately confidence.


1. Align-Style Grips

A unique and quality align-style grip, created by Golfway in a range of sizes that grow with the length of the clubs. Perfect to allow juniors to develop a good golfing grip as they help to promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability.

2. Pro-Launch Shafts

Launch monitor technology by Graffalloy® and esigned to create a high launch angle and trajectory. Perfect for younger players, allowing great flight and distance and giving greater consistency.

3. Progressive

Our smallest clubs are 90% of the size of adult clubs, and the head design with perimeter weighting and generous lofts all combine to make the perfectly flighted shot achievable by all young golfers.



Golfway Champion isn't available for purchase yet, but we're incredibly excited to launch it in Spring 2021. Be the first to know by entering your email below.