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MKids is a brand name that golfers know they can rely on for quality product. The products themselves are trusted by the R&A and major golf organisations throughout Europe, as well as with Golf Professionals the length and breadth of the country and continent.

The strength and value of MKids has allowed it to stand out from the crowd when it comes to junior golf product. MKids didn’t just revise junior golf back in 2009 when it was launched – it quite simply re-examined, resized, and redesigned it.

And we’ve got some exciting news here at Golfway for all MKids fans…

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the entire MKids range will be available direct from us here at Golfway.

By bringing MKids into the Golfway family, it will ensure we are able to grow and develop what we feel is an unbeatable range of products, incredible coaching platforms, easy-to-use first touch equipment and relationships with some of the biggest institutions on the planet to make golf accessible to all.

MKids is synonymous with the some of the best junior golf product in the market and it has clear popularity amongst golf professionals and junior players. At Golfway, we are now able to offer MKids product direct from the people who made it and give customers access to a new and exciting chapter for golf.

Finally, whilst we will be retaining much of the identity that is instantly recognisable to most golfers, MKids will slot seamlessly into Golfway’s brand architecture without losing its colourful attraction and vibrant product charm. With its six progressive sizes of clubs to cater for junior players from player height 115cm to 165cm, the MKids product range adds quality and energy to what is an already growing range of exciting golf equipment here on

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Published on Wed, 8 Jun 2022 by Golfway

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