How does Golfway benefit a coach?

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Golfway is an innovative, progressive and easy to understand equipment and coaching system that makes golf coaching enjoyable and fun whilst delivering exceptional results!

With the introductory, first touch “Play” range, unmatchable “Champion” range and a coaching program which is 2nd to none there really is no better option out there!

Golfway Play

Golfway Play endorses all of the aspects of golf in easy to understand first touch format for beginners of all ages. The clubs are designed to hit every shot in the game of golf without the complications of 14 different variations. The iron and the putter both have our shaped, colour coded grips which ensure that the hands sit correctly for each shot and the heads have easy to follow alignment aids. All clubs are swing weighted and feel like traditional golf clubs when being used, this makes for an easy transition into traditional clubs when the time is right. The activities designed for Golfway make learning fun, inclusive and help create the correct atmosphere to ensure growth and sustainability within your golf school/Academy. You can even play a round of golf with Golfway Play on a 6 hole golf course that fits in a size of a football pitch!Golfway Play can be used literally anywhere, even at home. Meaning you can even set homework for your pupils!

Golfway Champion

Coaching with the correct equipment is absolutely essential in helping golfers achieve their potential! Golfway champion is the perfect solution for junior golfers of all ages and abilities. The Champion range is available in seven progressive sizes, all designed with the correct shaft length, wait and flex to suit the relevant golfers. The grips have our signature Golfway alignment aid which is an easy transition for golfers to make from the grips fitted to the play range. All of our heads are made with distance and forgiveness being the main two areas of focus and help coaches deliver results an accelerated speed!

The Golfway Coaching Program

Our program, developed by our partner YMG delivers results…… Fact!

Multiple tour winners have developed their games through the program as well as thousands of others who have been introduced to our beautiful game. To name but a few, Ryder Cup Player Matt Fitzpatrick, European Tour Winner Jordan Smith and Ladies Open Champion Georgia Smith are all products of the YMG Program. 

Golfway coaches benefit from an organised, structured and certificated program with lesson plans and guidance right the way through the 8 levels. As a result, your junior golf coaching business will grow expeditiously and achieve unthinkable results!

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Published on Thu, 24 Mar 2022 by Nick Horrocks

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