Golfway Brings Excitement to Plymouth Primary School

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Golfway recently visited a primary school in Plymouth with the help of PGA Professional Golf coach Nick Horrocks. The visit aimed to introduce pupils in year 5 and year 6 to golf while developing their putting and chipping skills.

The Golf Foundation Primary Schools Programme is designed to bring golf to young people in a fun, engaging and accessible way. By learning the basics of the game, the children gain a better understanding and appreciation of the sport as well as the values and traditions of the game.

The session at Holy Cross Primary School was a big success, and the children had a fantastic time. Golf is a great way for children to develop their physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination and balance, as well as their social and emotional skills, such as sportsmanship, resilience, and teamwork. Golfway's visit left a lasting impression on the students, who were excited for the opportunity to learn a new sport from an experienced coach.

Due to weather constraints, the initial session was held indoors, however, future Golfway sessions will take place outdoors, a testament to the usability and adaptability of the equipment.

The Golf Foundation is inviting Primary Schools to register and become part of the new programme; schools can access £250 in funding towards Golfway Play equipment.

Golfway Play™ equipment offers schools the opportunity to rejuvenate their PE lessons with an accessible sport, as well as engage children in before and after school sessions.

In conclusion, Golfway's visit to Holy Cross Primary School was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. The children engaged well with Nick Horrocks and enjoyed the usability of the Golfway Play™ equipment. The visit was a testament to the success of the Golf Foundation Primary Schools Programme, which aims to encourage young people to take up the sport of golf and create a pathway to local clubs.

⁠If you are interested in bringing Golfway to your school or club setting you can email us at [email protected] we look forward to hearing from you!

Published on Mon, 20 Mar 2023

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