We are golfway.

From 2-102...

Golfway provides experiences for people to enjoy playing the sport and in turn, own their own little part of golf. Whether you're a new starter who's learning, a seasoned pro or family just looking to get together, enjoyment, connection and creativity is at the heart of what we create.

Whether you're 2 or 102, Golfway is for everyone and you can create your own way of playing.


together as one.

Golfway is as much about connection with each other as it is about connecting with the sport. Our goal is bring people together through golf and provide enjoyable experiences together as one.

Old for new.

We're launching an exciting new scheme for players to trade in their old clubs and then receive a discount on their next purchase. But the magic doesn't end there... we'll be donating the recycled clubs to good causes around the globe to get people playing wherever, whenever.